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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I have several priorities in life, but my health is among the highest. The longer I live, the more I can enjoy and achieve. Making my health a priority is just a smart thing to do.

Life is more challenging with poor health. I do what I can to ensure my health is as strong as it can be.

My diet is my first defense against poor health. I know that my health is only as good as my diet. I know what type of diet works for me, and I follow it religiously. I enjoy eating healthy foods.

Knowing that I am doing something positive for my health is all the motivation I require.

I avoid unhealthy habits. I avoid smoking, harmful drugs, and alcohol. I live a safe lifestyle. I avoid taking part in activities that are likely to result in physical harm.

I take good care of myself. I have a healthy lifestyle.

I exercise regularly. My health benefits from exercise. I know what types of exercise I enjoy, and I have a plan to do them each week. I maintain a healthy body weight and stay fit.

Today, I am making my health my highest priority. I am living as perfect a day as I possibly can with regards to my health. My health is important.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What is my unhealthiest habit?

Why do I do it? What can I do to stop?

How can I enhance my current diet?

What foods can I add or subtract?

When did I last see the doctor?


Take care of yourself and remember your body is your temple!!!


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