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About Us

Our Story

I Am. Magazine International is a Digital Magazine designed and dedicated to providing an insightful, upbeat look at what makes us special and unique.  Every issue is filled with inspirational stories and articles to inspire you to grow and reach your potential.  It was created to teach and develop the best version of ourselves. We want to share the gift of love, education, mindset, and much more with the world! The best part is that it is created for you and by you.  Here you can share your story and let your experience and insight be a lesson to others. Don't be afraid! We got your back!

Born from a dream, Yadira Gonzalez Muñoz woke one morning with the idea of creating a digital magazine that will help others grow.    After becoming a published author Yadira decided to build an online magazine to empower others around the world. This way she is able to share her gift with others: inspiring, engaging, and building up her community.  She knows that going for ‘safe’ is possible, but so does following her passion in ways that creates a nice balance and sustainability in both private and professional life. 

Meet The Team

At I Am. Magazine, our team knows what it takes to produce exceptional content on a wide array of interesting topics.  Our team of highly qualified content mission-driven Leaders is here to provide our readers with Inspirational, Motivational Growing Developing topics on everything from Personal Development and coaching to Interviews and leadership. Our goal is to assist you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself! Our team of talented writers and editors is the driving force behind the success of our Online Magazine.

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