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I would recommend I Am Magazine as it covers diverse topics which could interest many people irrespectively of age. The magazine also covers inspirational success stories of strong people which is highly motivational and impressive.

I found this very interesting !



It was amazing to feature in the April issue. My clients appreciate it, the paper adds value to my image.



"Excellent experience, as a journalist, to be interviewed in my turn. I discovered the richness and quality of the content. The interview was well conducted, and the article was well-received. Thanks to I Am. Magazine for the visibility. The best is yet to come!"



Yes, I have received hundreds of congratulations from many boxers, women, girls, boys, men..., we have shared the magazine everywhere, I hope to be interviewed again in the future!”


I AM Magazine, Thank you so much for adding my article. This gives me goosebumps and endless joy!! I send you my deepest gratitude. This magazine is amazing!!!! We are all blessed to read this heartwarming and inspiring necessary information about our Health! So excited to share this with all of you my friends! 


I recommend

I Am. Magazine ♥️

They were so helpful in writing an article.

I'm so touched about the article in their magazine. I felt pure love and connection.

I’m so grateful for the article about my son Raphael 🙏 they helped me to spread his message and his song. They also have other beautiful articles.

They show us that our I am starts inside.

I recommend the magazine and the whole team

They are all so connected with their heart

Look forward to writing again or meeting them in real live xxx


“My experience with

I Am. Magazine

was one of professionalism, support and efficiency.  The whole process and experience were seamless, professional and positive.  Alex could see the value in what I do and wanted to share it with her readers.  The magazine publishes a diverse range of relevant topics, promotes businesses and contains something for everyone. It was a pleasure to be involved in such a creative, diverse and innovative global magazine.  Thank you.”


I am so grateful to be featured in such a phenomenal magazine empowering women. I highly recommend that women subscribe to this uplifting magazine. Thank You!

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