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Graduating in 2020. A Personal Perspective.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

by Jonny Biggins

Part 1: Jonny’s perspective (our CEO):

“Your hardest times lead to the greatest moments of your life”

– Roy T Bennett – The Light In the Heart

I don’t envy the class of 2020. With higher education institutions in an unprecedented crisis, the labor market froze and backpacking off-limits, this year’s graduates are faced with few options and an uncertain future. However, the challenges graduates face and how they overcome them will make them stronger and this experience will set them apart from those who graduated during easier times.

To survive, this class will be forced to think on their feet, make the most of what they have, and adjust where they thought they were going in life. It’s a hard lesson we all receive at some stage of our careers – the Class of 2020 just happened to be served it on their first day. But, some of the best people you can employ are the ones that get stronger when the challenges get harder. These people rarely come from an easy past, they’ve weathered a storm or two.

The world of graduation has been turned upside down this year, but having a 2020 Graduate on your CV will be a sign of strength not a weakness in years to come.

In the middle of lockdown, with the team at The Book of Everyone all working remotely, we hired

Cami, a class of 2020 graduate. To this day, we’ve never met in person, all interviews were conducted through video and she’s worked remotely with the rest of the team. She has integrated brilliantly.

As Cami has walked the walk, I thought it would be helpful to hear her thoughts on how to make the most of graduating this year. At the end of the post, you’ll find 5 tips to further help 2020 any graduate you know..

Over to you Cami.

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