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Unstoppable Creative Mind

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

By Victoria Vandersteen

From a very young age, creativity was a central space in my life. Fond of many musicals, I invented stories and songs while preparing myself to go to school. The many words flooded out of my mind like water out of a fountain. I was unstoppable when a new creative idea came along.

My first English words which I wrote phonetically were the lyrics of “On my own” by Irene Cara. Did I often feel on my own? Could I relate to her lyrics? Yes, I did. I was 8 and busy with dancing, singing, and writing to escape the loneliness that my creative heart often felt. A void. Unexpectedly. Every so often coming into my life. And when that sadness and loneliness came along, it was followed by a creative outburst of lyrics and writings.

Many writers have had their share of ups-and-downs, even struggling with mental illness but they wrote marvelously well. Just think of Hemingway, William Styron, or J.K. Rowling. Famous writers largely documented their depressive state in their writings. Does this mean you need to be depressed or sad to be a good writer or even mad to be a good creator? Of course not. Enjoying the creative mind you might have is a skill you can develop and increase.

Even managers need to have a creative mind. Tackling the challenges which come their way. A solution-orientated creative mind, quick to find answers or ideas to overcome the challenges their company or department might face, is a great asset.

When starting off a business, creativity is key to add to brainstorming sessions. The many ideas which come out of those sessions can help grow a project in no time. Marketing your product, brand or services needs a solid plan which can be based on the ideas and suggestions from a creative director or an empathic marketing manager who can read and analyze the data well and convert them into a tangible marketing strategy and campaign.

There are so many different forms of creativity. From cognitive creativity to artistic creativity. A combination of both is like an eye-catcher. Artistic pitching is part of it. Putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur, ready to pitch your project or business in an authentic way. When you add a flavor of your artistic side while talking about your project you will be able to catch and for sure retain the attention of potential new customers or investors.

Speaking from my own experience, I will never forget the special moments where I combined my business pitch with one of my poems. Many people present were in awe and I felt I had given them a moment of joy, reflection, or emotion which was a beautiful shared experience. Coaching other entrepreneurs to do the same is a true blessing. I would encourage anyone to tap into their creative side, as I’m convinced that each one of us can explore and encounter this creativity while setting their mind to it.

Are you willing to discuss your creative project or artistic pitching? Let me know, so we can discuss your upcoming project.


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