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Keeping Healthy Through Creativity

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

by Ihsane Agnaou

It is important for me to be motivated every day, and creativity gives me that motivation. I use it in all areas of life, it is what gives me the reason to live and that every day is another day. I don't stay in a routine like 80% of people in the world, a routine (subway/work/sleep) leading mostly to depression.

In each of my skills as an entrepreneur, I try to reach my audience by bringing them something new and adding value. Using creativity in all areas of life, I set clear goals that I want to achieve, I analyze, I make an action plan every day, and based on the results given during the week, I improve it by creating new work strategies and creating new ideas.

Working in improving people’s health and finding life solutions for them, I can say that Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease are affecting younger people too. One of the causes would be non-creativity, no goals in life, isolation, abandonment, lack of neural exercises,... In order to keep a brain activity you have to remain creative and give meaning to your life. What is our life mission? What more can we bring to others? Who am I?

I could have been a tree, an animal, a rose,... but I am a human being with consciousness. This is what makes us different, this consciousness helps us to recreate ourselves and to create new things.

Every day, every second that passes is dead. We only have the present moment to be useful and grow because we don't know how many seconds we still have left to live...

Being happy every day allows me to be creative and to leave an imprint on this earth...


I Am. Magazine
I Am. Magazine
Jul 03, 2020

Love it!! Thanks for this fantastic post🙌🔝


Unknown member
Jul 03, 2020

This is an excellent article

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