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Creating Stories and Inspiration

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

By David Vine

As a Self-Published Author myself, I have learned a lot of becoming a Writer. Some people see

that being a Self-Published Author and a Writer are very different, but in a lot of ways they are the same, as you are writing content and stories according to your craft.

Some of the hard things I have learned as a writer is not to be complacent with your writing, become the writer that you want to be. You need to own your style.

Get inspiration from many sources.

Go to networking events. You are always meeting new people, everyone has a story to share, and learn from the people that you meet and deal with. There is an old saying that goes – “I am a writer, anything you say and do could be the topic of my next book or article piece” the same goes for your writing. Draw in your inspiration from the ones around you.

Become a People Watcher.

The same thing goes from going to Networking events, just go to places where people go, coffee shops, parks, libraries, museums, and just sit there. Yes, just literally sit there and watch the world go by. It is amazing when you sit there and watch the people around, everyone has their own unique story to tell just by watching them. For example; there is a lady pushing a pram with a little kid on tow, I bet she is taking her child to the shops. That is a story! Make them up in your mind.

Admire Art and Photography.

This is a weird one... when you look at just pictures, you know what they say, “A picture is worth 1000 words”, and that is so true. I get inspiration just by going to the gallery and look at the paintings. Like if I was to show you right now, a picture of a walrus laying on a beach. What would that tell you? Yes, he is lazy and wants to bask in the sun. Think right now, what could be going through the Walrus head. If he could speak, what would he tell you?

Read a Book.

This is so true, some of the best stories, come out of other books. There have been so many creations out there of people doing their own version of Harry Potter but in a different literary sense. It doesn’t have to be fiction books either, read a self-help book, that will give you lots of inspiration to define your own purpose and praise. Give it a go, it’s amazing the type of inspiration you can get just by reading a book. Remember my article that helped develop your purpose. Reflect on that and start emerging your thoughts and getting it written down.

So, you can see here, there any many ways to gain Inspiration! It doesn’t matter what it is. Harness that power of your inspiration to give you that burst of creativity. Start creating your stories today!

“Don’t get it right, get it written!”

David Vine

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